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Professur für Arabistik – Prof. Valentina Serreli

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Itinerant School in Arabic Sociolinguistics 2024

13. Juli 2023

The first Itinerant School of Arabic Sociolinguistics (EISA) aims at introducing students to the theoretical and methodological tools for analyzing the complex sociolinguistic dynamics of the Arabic-speaking world. The EISA furnishes an introduction to different fields of sociolinguistics while providing a space for discussion and collective work for students and researchers. The EISA seminars consist of theoretical and methodological courses, as well as fieldwork sessions. The seminars are primarily aimed at Master's and Ph.d. students in (Arabic) linguistics and sociolinguistics, but they are also open to researchers who may be interested in the themes of the school.

The EISA is coordinated by the SeDyL laboratory (CNRS UMR-8202, INALCO, IRD UR-135), the University of Bayreuth, and the LACNAD laboratory (INALCO).

Organizing committee: Alexandrine Barontini (LACNAD), Stefano Manfredi (SeDyL), Valentina Serreli (University of Bayreuth), Karima Ziamari (Moulay Ismaïl University).

For further information please visit the website : https://www.eisa.page/accueilhome

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