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Date News
11.10.2023 Winter term 2023/24 inaugural meeting 
13.07.2023 Itinerant School in Arabic Sociolinguistics 2024
06.04.2023 Summer term 2023 inaugural meeting 
25.01.2023 Conference: "Kulturkompetenz vermitteln: Kultur und Landeskunde im Arabischunterricht"
13.10.2022 Winter term 2022/23 inaugural meeting 
26.09.2022 Save-the-Date | Journée d'études: Langue et espace social en arabophonie. Entre le Nil et l'Atlantique, 07.10.2022
28.06.2022 Talk : "Arabic discourse markers in Berber-Arabic bilinguals’ L1 and L2 : the case of ‘bass’"​ - Jun.-Prof. Dr. Valentina Serreli and Dr. Valentina Schiattarella (University of Hamburg)
11.04.2022 Summer term 2022 inaugural meeting 
10.11.2021 Talk: "Sprachvariation und Sprachkontakt im Migrationskontext am Beispiel des Arabischen in Deutschland" - Muhadj Adnan, M.A. (Arabistik, Universität Bayreuth)
11.10.2021 Winter term 2021 inaugural meeting 
06.09.2021 Conference "Language Contact through Time and Space" (CoTiSp)
27.07.2021 Summer School Berber and Kurdish in Leipzig
25.05.2021 Job offer: ​KAAD head of division (Near and Middle East Department)
18.05.2021 Virtual information event on the Master  "Nahoststudien" (Universität Heidelberg und Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg)
10.05.2021 ICDL Symposium: "Intersectional Interrogations of Reproductive Health for Women from Africa and its Diasporas"
01.04.2021 DAAD Scholarships Arabic in Jordan
01.04.2021 Job offer: Lecturer in Arabic Language
24.03.2021 Summer term 2021 inaugural meeting 
04.02.2021 Digitaler Hochschulinformationstag am 6. Februar 2021
28.01.2021 Talk : "Arabic Dialect Contact in the Diaspora: The Case of Aleppo and Damascus Arabic in Germany from a Sociolinguistic Perspective"​ - Ms Kristina Müller, B.A. (Arabistik, Universität Bayreuth)
28.01.2021 Talk : "Modernität, Migration und Minderheiten: Eine Fallstudie zum Sprachkontakt des Arabishen in Deutschland"​ - Ms Muhadj Adnan, M.A. (Arabistik, Universität Bayreuth)
04.12.2020 Lecture : "Variation in Moroccan Arabic: What can be revealed by discourse analysis"​ - ​Dr. Jacopo Falchetta (IREMAM, UMR7310 CNRS, and DAAD visiting researcher)
12.10.2020 ** WS 2020/2021 ** Important Information for students **
01.10.2020 Winter term 2020/2021 inaugural meeting
07.07.2020 Lecture : "Arabic dialect contact and L2 Arabic from a sociolinguistic perspective"​ - Jun.-Prof. Dr. Valentina Serreli
23.06.2020 Talk : "A sketch of the Bedouin dialect of the Shahibaat (Egypt)"​ - Jun.-Prof. Dr. Valentina Serreli
13.04.2020 Summer semester 2020 inaugural meeting
13.04.2020 Introductory lecture to Islamic Studies and Arabic Studies in the BA KuG
19.02.2020 Lecture : "Multilinguismo e contatto interdialettale in Egitto. Variazione e cambiamento linguistico nell'Oasi di Siwa"​ - Jun.-Prof. Dr. Valentina Serreli
12.02.2020 Higher Education Information Day - 20 February 2020
02.10.2019 Information meetings for first-semester students on October, 14th
12.09.2019 Semestereröffnung der Islamwissenschaft und Arabistik am 15. Oktober
29.07.2019 Call for Papers | CoTiSp 2020 - International Conference Language Contact Through Time and Space, April 2.-3. 2020, University of Bayreuth
13.06.2019 Lecture : "Arabic L2 in Siwa Oasis, a Berber-speaking enclave of Egypt"​ - Jun.-Prof. Dr. Valentina Serreli
24.05.2019 Job offer: Lecturer in Arabic Language
10.03.2019 Semestereröffnung der Islamwissenschaft und Arabistik am 23. April
01.03.2019 Office Hours Summer Semester 2019
01.10.2018 Office Hours Winter Term 2018/2019: ​by appointment
28.05.2018 Save-the-Date | Arabic Calligraphy Workshop
01.04.2018 Save-the-Date | Studientag Arabistik: Perspective on Arabic Sociolinguistics, 26. – 27.05.18

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